Well, that was much nicer, thank you.
H. Nemesis Nyx

conflate: combine two or more ideas into one

deflate: to cause someone to suddenly lose confidence or feel less important

elate: make someone ecstatically happy

This guy has no interest in assessing his own opinion or knowledge H. Nemesis Nyx he’s conflating typical American politics, with Russian activities that modified our electoral process to a historical degree, so as to deflate you and elate himself.

Disproving blatant lies or ‘misconceptions’ is futile, speaking to the truth and only it, is the way to keep sane in this new environment. By doing such, you’re giving him the podium, chasing his tail, so to speak. It took me a while to figure out that manipulative process as employed by people who never or rarely write any original material, but simply offer negative opinions or arguments.

From a post of mine a few days ago:

One lesson, is that it takes more time and effort to disprove a lie, then it does to make up another one.
Thus, when we encounter a lie, instead of refuting that lie and attempting to disprove it, a more efficient approach is to promote the truth. This may sound like the same thing, but it isn’t.
If there are two people on stage debating, one spends their time telling lies and the other spends their time refuting said lies, then the liar is the one in command of the podium.
If, however, the other person ignores the blatant lies and instead goes right to the truth and speaks it directly. Then they are on the offense and the liar is then on the defense, where they must either keep with the lies or spend their time attempting to refute the truth.
To speak to the lies, is to give them power, worth and substance which they do not deserve and it leaves none of those precious resources for the truth.

Fare well H., stay glorious!