That ignorance to 60 in under a minute is what tipped me off, too, Caleb Ramsby.

Ditto on everything that you wrote here Meg Barclay

One of the police reports that you linked to earlier today showed where the origin of part of the backstory came from.

One thing that did bother me a big was when she was writing and posting here when she was “sitting in the sealed witness room waiting to testify”.

I thought, “Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Can a witness have their cellphone when they are waiting to testify in “sealed room” in the Courthouse?”.

Well, I just looked it up(a bit belatedly, I must admit) and as best I can figure, nope, witnesses are not allowed to bring stuff like that into the Courthouse. Granted, different counties/States etc. may have different rules.

Where’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle &/or Angela Lansbury when we need them?