I see… So it’s a “trigger word” for you… Therefore you get to… No.

Dude’s a prick is all. I’ve seen him be an asshole on here before, it’s nothing new for him.

As to the usage of a word or the abhorrence of said word. The regurgitation of a singular word will bring to life in people whatever context has been created around it in their mind. The more often a word is used to describe something, the less often it can be used to describe something else and the less profound the thought process is surrounding it.

As a kid I detested buttons and stickers, because I saw them as someone else’s words being portrayed as my own and I was astounded to see other kids collecting books of stickers or buttons. This was especially popular from kindergarten to 2nd grade.

I was shy and spoke softly, thus I was frequently asked to repeat what I had said. When I was, I made it a point to make up new phrasing and use new words to say the same thing, because I had(have) an issue with repetition. There are a lot of reasons for that, but one of them is that I noticed that the people who repeated a phrase the most, seemed to understand it the least.

When a trauma leaps back into ones consciousnesses, it’s as if a trap door has opened beneath you and you find yourself plummeting into an inky void with nothing to grab hold of and no point of reference to orient ones self to in hopes of ceasing the descent.

Reading your poem that this discussion developed from, you used the word triggered once in the title and once in the body of the poem. That isn’t a case or eschewing ones ability to convey a sensation, emotion or state of mind with words, but instead it’s a case of using a common and at this time, popular word that resonates with a lot of people and is itself a succinct description of the calamity in question.

So, to sum up.

1: Rev. Fred Denial , in general, is an asshole. I think that he’s honest enough to agree with that assessment.

2: In a forty five line poem, you used the word “triggered” once.

3: People that believe(often it’s a false belief and they are in denial) themselves to have no issues dealing with the trauma that they’ve experienced, tend to become enraged when they see people who are having difficulties. It’s insane really, it’s like two people have their legs broken, one of them heals quickly, the other is taking longer to heal and the one that is healed is furious that the one that isn’t can’t run up a flight of stairs yet.

You’re doing alright TeriJo