I just saw you response now, I went to bed after my previous reply to you.
Ana Frusinoiu

Eight hours sound about right, maybe nine because I’m in the middle of America, it’s afternoon now, no wait, night there now for you.

I presume then that the sunflower seeds all come in their shell and are of the big variety? Here sunflower seeds are sold shelled and they are small.

Have you tried consuming raw garlic? No, this isn’t a “Vlad the Impaler” joke. I started eating raw garlic on a daily basis about nine months ago. Due to some bicycling I was doing and research showing that in virtually all of the ancient societies where they had garlic, it was consumed in mass by those who did physical labor or were warriors. The Greeks would consume it prior to a battle to give them courage.

Anyways, after a while I noticed that my cravings were much weaker, due I think to its cleansing effect and how it opens up ones lungs. Also, I have had struggles with depression in the past and withing a few weeks of starting to eat it on a daily basis, I felt okay and that has stayed. That was bizarre and unexpected.

My garlic habit has gotten up to about half of a head a day. I started eating it by using a garlic press to crush it, but now I simply chew it. It’s hot though, spicy, so beware.

Oh my, there was a lot of divvying up of the “spoils” after WW2. I’ve always been a bit flummoxed as to what the perceived upside was for a lot of that. Germany was flattened, with most of its cities having been demolished by the bombing raids on the “factories”. As best I understand it, Romania was seen more so as a highway nation, that is, it was used to access the nations around it. Thus, please correct me if I’m wrong, but there wasn’t as much destruction of the buildings/cities in Romania as in neighboring countries.

The Romania and Germany connection it interesting. From the data I looked up, Romania exports more to Germany then it does to any other country, ditto for importing and it’s about even between the import and export. Granted, Germany is the powerhouse of the EU economy, especially now since Britain is leaving or trying to leave without cutting ties. What a mess that is.

I was also just reading that in Romania, there is no born into citizenship law. That is, one of ones parents must have been born in Romania for you to be a born citizen. In America, if you are born here, you are an American. It’s fascinating to see the differences between countries.