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Elaboration, the danger that I’m trying to point out is the extreme nature of your stances and how often they are contrary to each other.

For instance, you’re saying essentially that anybody who attempts to be a part of civilized society isn’t doing enough to protect themselves, IE. how frequently you’ve stated that ‘the woman shouldn’t have been alone with so and so, or shouldn’t have accepted the drink, etc.’. Yet you are saying that you’ve made your family aware that sometimes there isn’t anything that they can do to stop something, if they aren’t mentally tough enough or physically, etc. Then you demand that they be so. You’re presenting a series of contrary statements, all of which are extreme.

I do believe that it is helpful for people to improve their sense of self worth, extremes in any direction have always been dangerous and they are in that direction too and you’re proof of that.

You also say that your family is the only thing that you care about, that’s a lie, you care about vengeance and the peace of your own mind more then you care about them. As is evidenced by your statement as to what you would do to anyone that you believed to have raped one of your kids. That’s not for them. How could it be? Your getting locked up for years for doing that, as my great grandfather did, that isn’t for them because it takes you away from them.

You never once mention going to the authorities and having them at least TRY to take care of it legally. To take your kid to the hospital to have evidence collected, to stand up in court behind your kid as they give testimony. To do all of those things first, that’s bravery, that’s for your family. What you’re talking about, being afraid of everyone all of the time and only trusting yourself to handle things, that’s cowardice and selfishness.

It’s also indicative of the after effects of severe psychological trauma, which we’ve discussed before, which of course you have all under control, no problems that you can’t handle, nope, none.