Their weight in gold and rubles.
The weight of it all
Kathy Jacobs

Figurin’ gold at $1,057 per troy ounce, 14.58 troy ounces per pound, gives $15,411 per lb or gold, average weight of a North American Adult is 178 lbs, gives $2,743,158 as the average worth in gold of a North American Adult. Further, the Rosneft shares gift to Trump’s crew(if it went to them, but I believe that there is more evidence pointing to Yes, then to No, by far) by Putin’s gang was 19.5% of that massive Russian oil company. Those shares were worth either 11.3 billion or 17.5 billion, depending on whose numbers one uses. Figuring the worth of the sale of 1/5 of a gargantuan oil company is extremely difficult, because of how said sale in itself effects the share prices, etc.

If we average we get 14.4 billion, $14,400,000,000, divide that by the $2,743,158 of the average North American Adult’s worth in their weight in gold and it equals 5,249.42 people.

62,984,825 people voted for Trump, hum, that would be $228.6 per person if the Rosneft sale was divided by Trump voters, divided by 178 lbs that would be $1.28 per pound, , , huh, you know, it strikes me that $1.28 is about the price of dried pinto beans per pound, , , coincidence or destiny?