We’re dealing with cults, Jason Stelzner and H. Nemesis Nyx.
Caleb Ramsby

Global Warming follow up Jason Stelzner and H. Nemesis Nyx

This disbelief in global warming is also an offshoot of the cult of the global conspiracy.

The scientists are all in agreement, not because the data is conclusive, but because they are all ‘in on it’. Their grant money comes from either governments or charities from the wealthy. The governments want more power, thus the EU and American controls on emissions. They want more tax dollars, thus the taxes on emissions.

The scientists are just puppets of the governments and the wealthy, so that they can spread the ‘New World Order’.

Thus, when one is dealing with a climate change denier, one isn’t typically dealing with someone that simply doesn’t understand the facts or is ignorant of the data. One is dealing with a person that is seeing it as nothing but another string in the web of the global conspiracy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are dealing with a cult. They see everything outside of their cult as being motivated by evil, literally in many cases they believe that the anti Christ is behind all of it and will rise to power any moment now.

In the Christian circles, not too long ago the ‘Left Behind’ series of books was extremely popular. They are worth looking into, to see in which direction that train of thought is going.

I don’t have answers, I don’t know how to fight a cult that’s been built up, brick by brick for decades now.