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How many times have you been reading an article about Trump and someone writes, “Trump wrote in ‘The Art of the Deal’ . . . “?

I bring this up because Trump didn’t write one word of it, I could elaborate, but “The New Yorker” published an interview with the ghost author that did write it, back in July of 2016:

Of note, the author of “The Art of the Deal” talks about how Trump, even back then, wasn’t able to speak on a single subject for more then a few minutes before he went off into another direction. He also talks about how he never saw Trump reading anything of substance.

I believe that it’s important to differentiate between being able to convey words on a page into words in ones mind and being able to focus long enough to make sense of anything over one paragraph long. I think that Trump may be ailing from the latter more then the former.

It would also make sense that he needs glasses to see print, but refuses to wear them because it would make him look inferior.