An Amendment to “Advice to My Daughters”

I can’t help but chuckle a bit KrisCross as I’m reminded of that old saying that goes something like, “The Universe’s ultimate revenge, is to have a child who is like you.” Your eldest daughter sounds very much like someone who isn’t afraid of calling something bullshit when she sees it as such and isn’t afraid of owning her own decisions. . . which reminds me of someone. . .

When I first read your advice post, my first instinct was to say that the best piece of advice is often to never take advice from anyone. Because it’s almost impossible to learn profound lessons from someone else’s life and frequently ones advice is based off of a projection of ones self onto someone else, which isn’t really fair.

But, in general, I still believe that your advice was solid, especially in relation to acquiring independence so as to not become trapped in a disastrous situation with very few safe out options.