I’m fascinated by behavior and the study of response. It’s kind of what I do. So, I’m going to go through my stories and separate out by topic to see if I can find any correlation between topic and ❤-rate.
Why are we so stingy with hearts?
Linda Caroll

I did a similar thing with my own writings a few months ago, because it is nearly impossible to find something more deranged to study then people. I wrote a simple spreadsheet, so that I could input the views, reads and recommends for my stories and have it spew out the percent of this to that to that.

What I found, was that the highest recommend to view or to read ratios was for writings that were one of either two things.

1: Far flung absurd and surreal humor, that is succinct and just far enough beyond the edge of insanity to be entertaining, but not so far that it’s directly disturbing.

2: Personal and open, biographical and philosophical ramblings, which may or may not contain a political ideal.

The ones that didn’t get recommended a great deal were my more overtly political/moralistic diatribes either in the first or narrative person style.

I haven’t updated that spreadsheet with my newer writings, and I probably should, but back then my average read per view ratio was 62% and my average recommend per read ratio was 44%.

As they say, “There’s no analysis, like statistical analysis!”

My retort being, “There’s no profiteering, like war profiteering!”