They were emboldened by that promise and when the Charlatan-in-Chief finally recognized the support of white nationalists would severely erode any credibility he has left domestically and internationally , the biased media and his incompetent republican party rebukes towards him began to register.
Trump’s Empty Never Mind

I must disagree on this point. Trump’s history is one of fostering praise, not that derived from principles or moral action, but hollow praise. Thus, like in Scotland re. his gold course and the mocking resistance he encountered there, what he saw was that the mockery of him outweighed the praise that he was receiving.

Everything he does is to two ends, 1 acquiring praise or social status and 2 being seen as powerful or potent.

Mainly he has done this by “proving” how he’s richer than this person or smarter than that person and when he can’t do that directly, he’s at a loss for methods of self promotion besides dismissing everything and everyone against him as “fake news”.

“They’ll love me after I directly condemn!”

“They didn’t love me after I directly condemned!”

“They’ll all against me! Except for the true Americans, the true Whites, they’re always with me.”