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I prefer to believe that it’s synchronicity.

I’m with you and Mr. G7. So much so that a friend of mine that I had loaned a CD to, a CD that I had listened to dozens of times, had a difficult time making me believe that it was a CD made by a christian band. I’m not a christian, nor to I listen to christian music, so I didn’t believe him, until I got it home and forced myself to listen to the lyrics, he was right! The band in question is “Black Happy”, a grunge rock/pop-ish type of band with a cool brass section, the album was “Peghead”.

Opera is a mainstay in my listening rotation, as is a wide variety of classical music and modern instrumental work.

Okay, I was just trying to figure out if there was any musician that I listened to because of their lyrics or one that I listened to and actually noticed their lyrics. And the only one that came to mind is Randy Newman. Likely it’s because he is a story teller, who writes songs that are similar to the ancient ballads, which are usually stories set in music form or music set in story form. Not preaching or passions or what not, but stories. That’s a rare attribute for an original current musician, a teller of stories.

Ah, “The Milk Carton Kids” are a guitar playing duo that tells stories with their songs and they are funny too, especially in their live performances.

Here ya’ go, they’re good, guitar players, singers, song writers, comedians, they’re solid.

Keep on trucking, but look out for the frozen waterfalls that mesmerize one and I’m pretty sure are actually regular water that’s been cursed by a Wizard(I’m not sure about this whole, ice, thing)!