It turns my stomach these days to see what three of our very highest performing military leaders…
gregory rush

I recall reading about that battle when it happened when I was a kid. It was difficult for me to fathom the totality of that battle then and it still is now.

One issue that has been brought up by other people such as yourself who are veterans, is that these men who had been Generals, who are now longer, were used to the only true check on their power being the citizen politicians who were above them in the decision making process. Now, they are in those civilian positions almost directly extracted from military service. Which goes directly against the relatively unique relationship that we have in place for the civilian controlled military.

In other words, to a degree, they were used to having virtually total respect and deferment of those under their power, but now they are in civilian roles and their civilian assistant, the relationship with the press and the prior segregation between them and the civilians who ultimately decided if we “War or No War” is no longer there.

In a sideways manner, this is similar to what you are talking about in regards to their being used to putting their faith in people who are deserving of such trust.

During the election I heard some members of the military say that they supported Trump because they wanted things shook up and they weren’t concerned with his obvious lack of self control because “People in the military receiving dangerous orders would refuse them, because of the integrity of the individual.” Immediately I thought, “Uh, wait, isn’t that the opposite of how the military is organized? Isn’t the number one rule to do as you’re told and never to question orders? Isn’t that what’s drilled into people’s heads from their first day until their last?”

The mentality required to believe that it’s a good thing to vote somebody into office that will require people to refuse orders to keep the world from being nuked is, well, it’s disturbing.