Good points. I’ll have to learn to write listicles…
Mike Essig

I received the same e-mail & don’t really understand why, since the writers on here that I know and asked that have much larger readerships them me and generally better writing, didn’t get one. It’s all a bit odd.

The strangest bit is where the form essentially asks me to explain why someone would want to read what I write, , , uh, Medium, you sent me the e-mail asking me to submit work for pay, you tell me.

Interviewer on the phone: “Glad to have tracked you down, we’d love it if you could come in for an interview!”

First question of the in person interview: “Why did you want to come here for an interview?”

Me: “Uh, well, you called me to, wait, am I at the right, uh, what?”

As an aside, here’s my anti-listicle-listicle.

As best as I can tell Mike Essig “the chosen ones” may have been determined by the “read ratio”, which for the few poems that I’ve written, such as this one, are much higher then for my long fiction, most likely because of a poem’s general brevity. This is extraordinarily ironic, since as you pointed out, poetry isn’t really applicable to the submission process that they have developed for the paid work. Yet, if the quality of the piece is determined by the read ratio, which is the measurement that I believe them to be using, then it is actually the best work on Medium.

Welcome to the future! Now please shuffle sideways until you fall off of that cliff.