I am not a genius of any kind.
Gerard El Gallo Poole

I think that I’m beginning to like you.

I agree with you that total Socialism is just as, if not more, dangerous then Capitalism and that movement to the furthest Left or Right positions end up in the same Authoritarianism, with a Fascist leader and a destruction of any form of Democracy or institution of a Republic. Which is what we have, we are not a Democracy, we are a Republic. One that was founded upon only the learned and elite being directly engaged in the voting process, with a great number of locks in place to protect from the rise of a Populist Demagogue. People tend to only remember back a few years and forget that what we call Fascism has always been a political mechanism for leaders since the beginning of our recorded history.

What I think is that the greatest threat to obtaining a clear understanding of what is going on and discovering a method by which progress can be achieved, is a focus upon a singularity.

For instance, lets look at the “No Child Left Behind” act.

When the school systems around the World are analyzed, it has been found that the most cost effective ones are also the ones that produce the most learned students. It is also found that these systems spread out their focus of tutelage upon the various aspects of being a human.

For instance, in Japan, the time between classes, that is the end of one and the beginning of another, is significant and relatively long. This allows the kids to reset their mind, relax a bit and physically and mentally prepare for another learning session.

They also have very long lunch hours, which likewise, allows for them to have a relatively leisurely period in the middle of their “learning day” to reset and retain their sanity.

These systems also place an equal focus on exercising the body, exercising ones capacity for creativity, via art and also in the form of music.

With the scholastic singular focus of our Nation, as exhibited by not just the “No Child Left Behind” act and many others, on a National, State and Local level, the kids have to literally(and I’m not joking) run from one class to another to make the time cut. Many of the schools are removing entirely the P.E. classes, so as to try and slam more knowledge into the kids minds, they are also greatly diminishing the funding percentage for the arts classes.

These are things that on their face, look to be good, they seem like they would raise up the testing scores of the kids, but they don’t, they actually, in practice, do the opposite.

How though, how in this time of singularity focus, do people sit down and have an in depth conversation about all of this.

As it stands, each political “side” is at the point where they view the other as a moral enemy, where each ideal proposed by them is evil and thus by association, are all of the opposing party members.

A while back I was studying the human factor in industrial efficiency, the historical studies are fascinating. Of note, in the early 1900’s, one researcher was working on figuring how many pounds of material a person could move, carrying it on their back, pushing it in a wheelbarrow, etc. up an incline. What he found was that the total weight that one could more, the total work that one could do, was significantly increased when one was allowed frequent periods of time in which the worker could rest. This, however, never really catches on totally and it never will.

Because, people naturally seek out singularity as a focus, so as to simplify the world in which they live and ones immediate perception of what is occurring in any given moment.

Thus, an implementation of the “frequent rest” idea, which has been proven to be extremely effective, either in the workplace or in schools is extremely difficult.

At a job, what people see, what the bosses and fellow employees see, is someone “sitting on the job” frequently, what they don’t see, is the larger pile of work that is accomplished at the end of the day. One would presume that the boss would see this, but they don’t, they see a “lazy” employee.

Ditto for schools, kids being able to have 15 minutes between classes, instead of just a few or an hour or an hour and a half for lunch, instead of 15 or 20, the latter being common in schools now, is seen as losing out on valuable “knowledge cram” time and not as the critical HUMAN function that is required for one to learn and thrive.

On the front of performance based funding schemes, it, to my mind, sets up a cycle of focus upon the singularity of “learning”. Which, as I point out above, is destructive to progress and achievement.

Also, we are not dealing with bits of metal that are being formed into useful forms, but people. People that aren’t going to go from 0–100 in one year or four years. This is my other issue with the performance based funding schemes, they ignore that fact that this is a long game and demand instant results.

Regarding the motivations and perceptions of the political leaders, unions, etc. I think that it is dangerous to overestimate their intelligence and knowledge and equally dangerous to overestimate their capacity for willfully causing harm and chaos to the citizens that they are supposed to be serving.

I’m not a fan of either party, in great part because they essentially require their supporters to villainize every person and proposal of their opposition party. Which is destructive to progress and understanding.

What are your thoughts on all of the stuff that I just wrote?