And if you wake later, the male body has other counter-measures beforehand.
Jason Stelzner 🌹🍁

“I woke up and had to pee, but it was fighting me by imitating a compass, you know, pointing to the North.” Ah, nothing like a good oll’ dick joke. I’ve been thinking recently though about how in all of those comedies where a dick joke is made, for each of them, the women watching were completely left out of it. It didn’t hit me, as to just how excluded they must feel, until I tried to devise some clitoris, vagina and breast jokes akin to typical dick jokes, and, although I am familiar with those aspects of a woman’s anatomy, to the degree that a woman is generally with the penis of a man’s anatomy, they’ve never been a part of my body.

Hum, now I want to have a ‘Clit Joke vs. Dick Joke’ competition, to see what jokes would (tries to think of words that can’t be construed as innuendo), uh, develop from the game. . . this may be further proof that I’ve completely lost my mind.