Is it laziness, fear of a challenge or both that causes people to behave this way?
Just the Facts

If anything, the argument that the National Endowment for the Arts isn’t doing enough should result in the idea that their funding be increased, not shut down. In 2015, their budget was some 145 million, which is pitifully minuscule and what they accomplish each year is extraordinary and borderline profound.

The crux of the argument for killing the National Endowment for the Arts has nothing to do with art or money. It’s all about seeing the “liberal elite” as an enemy of “traditional values”. That’s where the argument comes from, the NEA is seen as a destroyer of morality and suppressor of conservative Christian beliefs.

I’ve seen this a lot, people decrying that all art should be produced to the glory of god, and if such isn’t seen as superior to all other forms of art, then it is the work of the atheist global agenda, etc. and it must be stopped.

That’s the key here, you’re not arguing against facts, but an extreme religious based ideology.