How do I do this.
Victoria Easterday

I’ll give it a try.

Hopefully this step-by-step process will make some sense.

1: Start a new story and title it, well, whatever you want the title of the collection of your stories to be.

2: In a separate tab open up your “Stats” page. This can be done by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, making the menu drop down. Then right clicking on “Stats” and then clicking on “Open in a New Tab” in the menu that right clicking on “Stats” brought up.

3: On the “Stats” page you can scroll down and keep scrolling down until you find your first story. It’ll show the the Title of each story and bellow the title it will say “View Story”. So,

4: Right click on “View Story” under which ever story you want to have at the top of your collection list. That will bring up a menu, clink on where it says, “Copy Link Address”.

5: Go back to the tab you have open where you are composing the collection. Now, right click on the empty page where the typing cursor is. It will again bring up a list. Click on where it says “Paste”.

There should now be a line of text on the page. That line of text is a link to your story. Now just push the enter button. Wait a second and that line of text should convert itself into the the type of links that I have in my collection of stories.

Then, repeat the process by going back to the “Stats” page, copying a link to the next story that want on the list, then pasting the link on your story collecting post.

I hope this helps some. I’m not very good at explaining these processes.