Thank you Caleb, I will pass on your kind words to Michael!
alex (art inc. curator)

In that case, please also pass on that the revisions he has enacted in his life and the goals he has set for himself are inspirational in the truest sense of the world. Especially now with all of the hate, fear and loathing looming among us.

Also, his knife only style is extremely intriguing. It is a unique combination of boldness and nuance, with the layering of colors producing a depth of textures that are not found with the more typical brush enacted blending techniques. It reminds me of Harpo Marx, with his unique self taught harp playing techniques that were not traditional to say the least. Harpo was eventually approached by a lot of people that wanted him to teach them his style of playing.

Thanks for sharing his story alex (art inc. curator) and thank you for conveying my words to him.