It’s because they care what others think.
Del Singh

It could be more of an internal thing too Ronan Takagi and Del Singh I was hanging out with a few friend years ago, and my buddy, a guy, was talking about a group dinner he had at a restaurant a few days before that. He and another guy were some of the last at the table to order and my buddy went to order a steak, I can’t remember exactly what steak, a New York Strip maybe. Anyways, the waiter said, “Oh, you’re in luck, that’s the last one that we have!” and the other guy waiting to order said, “I was going to order one of those too.”

My buddy then said that he let the other guy order the steak and he ordered something else, because, and I quote, “He’s taller then I am.” The buddy in question was 5'8" or so, something like that. I thought that he was joking when he said that, but I looked at him and he was dead serious. I almost didn’t believe him when he said that, because I’d never heard a guy so bluntly and honestly state that he saw himself in a height oriented hierarchy.

For some women, the man being able to protect them from danger when they are together is a sort of natural instinct or want. Seeing as on average, men are taller then women, have a larger bone structure and due to the greater amount of testosterone in men they also have a naturally greater muscle mass. Again, that’s on average and there are plenty or women that are extremely strong and make an average sized man look like a weak child.

My point being, that if for some women, their instinct is to have someone they believe to be able to physically protect them, then a guy that’s shorter then them probably won’t qualify.

I’m not saying that judging people by their height is right or wrong, just that it’s something that’s based in nature, as is the influence of body fat percentage and hundreds of other physical features on our sexual/mate perception of others.

The question is, how willing are we to do the work to go beyond those animalistic devices to see the spirit and character of what makes us humans and will be ever be able to do that completely?