I see it full tilt in the US, Germany, the UK, and Australia already. Hell, Rev. Denial was preaching it from Melbourne just a few days ago right here on Medium.
I don’t mean it as a debate, Caleb.
Heath ዟ

It could only be considered “full tilt” if there were no forces actively countering it. Such as the people and the press.

There are plenty of hate filled imbeciles such as Rev. Denial around, but the resistance is real and as benign as they may appear, protests matter. That’s one of the biggest things, protests have in the past and will in the future, brought down authoritarian regimes. One only needs to look back at Ukraine a few years ago to see how Putin’s puppet was ousted from the Presidency there.

I refuse to bow down to the idea that it is only inevitable that the USA will become similar to Hitler’s Germany or any other comparison. I’m not foolish enough to believe that it isn’t possible, but a lot of stuff has to happen to get to that end.

I didn’t see your response to Dusty’s post, I used to follow you months ago, but I stopped when, prior to the election, you stated that it didn’t matter who was President. Painting a picture that nothing would change and that a President doesn’t actually have any significant influence on how things operate.

Now you’re trying to say, more or less, that it’s impossible for people within a government to resist extremism. Yet, Flynn was kicked out of Obama’s administration because his views had rapidly become biased, illogical and extreme. He was kicked out of Trump’s administration when the press reported on his dealing with Russia. Now Trump is having a hell of a time filling that position, because everyone knows that his administration isn’t going to last much longer and that his people are compromised on a variety of levels.

So, who exactly, is going to allow Trump or Bannon or Miller to force forth a massive new war?

Trump is fucking a lot of stuff up, he’s also giving cover for the Republicans to try and get a lot of vile shit passed, his influence is real, but because nobody in Washington or at the Pentagon trusts him, it is neutered when it comes to some big stuff.

I will never subscribe to a fatalistic approach to the world such as you have, because doing so makes extraordinary evils acts of others inevitable and unopposed.