The Government’s Policy on Motorcycle Antilock Brakes is Based on Junk Science
Fergus Nolan

It’s one thing for a company to stand up for “free choice”, such as riding without a helmet, traction aids, both positive G and negative G and driving with no seat belts. . . wait, that last one doesn’t fit. . .

This appears to be a case of a company abusing the individualistic character of their customers and supporters to get away with making faulty equipment and/or gouging customers for an accessory to the vehicle.

It disturbs me to suggest such a thing, but, if there is to be a mandate regarding ABS. What do you think about a governed supply chain “at cost” law. IE. The suppliers and producers would be required, by law, to supply those components to the vehicle companies and the vehicle companies would be required, by law, to provide the customers with the components on an “at production cost” basis?

Do you have any info on how Victory and/or Indian and/or Cleveland CycleWerks are dealing with the ABS situation?