It could only be considered “full tilt” if there were no forces actively countering it.
Caleb Ramsby

Just to be clear Heath Houston I do admire and applaud how you stand between bullies and those that they try to abuse. In a way actually, that goes towards disproving your fatalistic political stance.

What made me a bit irate a few months ago, was when you were saying that both Clinton and Trump were equally bad. That it didn’t matter because they were both pieces of shit and that who was President didn’t matter in the least.

Now your saying, essentially, that the President is an all powerful force that will enable the worst ideas coming from the scum classes of our military.

Well, it’s been proven that who is President matters. Even if we totally ignore the 1,000’s of appointees that the President puts on boards and committees that write, interpret and enforce a variety of laws, which we would be fools to do. Who the President speaks to and for and how they do that, has a serious influence on the people of the world. Especially the fringe elements. Such as the neo-nazi fucks that are being enabled by Trump and Bannon repeating their xenophobia and fear mongering.

The most critical element here, is that the internet allows us the freedom to dissent via ideas in a way that is unprecedented. Granted, it also allows for scum to do the same thing, IE. Breitbart, InfoWars, etc. It’s a battle and it isn’t lost yet, not by a long measure.