You’ll need to explain that to me a little more, though (of course, if you have the time and…
Ana Frusinoiu

Maybe it’s just my perspective or my ignorance, but said disconnect between logic and lust seems to illustrate itself in a sort of parallel duality. That is, take the modern ‘Blues’ style of music as an example. B.B. King and such. The dissonant note structure and the rhythm infuriate me. They actually induce in me the same physical reaction as if I were about to be assaulted or was about to assault someone/something.

Yet, some people seem to lust after that style of music. Unlike the most common reproductive or life sustaining lusts, this one is more difficult to pin down with logic alone. In essence, any logic which would dictate my hatred of such music would go against or seem to go against the logical reason for people to love that style of music.

To be a bit more personal, my view on such things depends on what ‘mode’ my mind is working in. It swings from a creative mode to a mathematical mode, typically over the course of 4 weeks or so, one to the other and it’s a bit mixed in between. So in a few weeks my view may appear to be totally opposite from what it is today. In a completely unrelated matter(sarcasm), if one is insane enough, one is almost incapable of becoming bored!