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No. All of my research into this matter points to Russia doing what it has been doing all over the globe for the past few years. Including similar attempts they made in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and England.

The typical operation they use, is to steal digital documents and then spew some out via their numerous media outlets, RT and Wikileaks being two of them. The first ones are little nothings and true, then the second stage is to release ‘true’ statements totally out of context believing, rightfully so, that virtually no one will read the entire original document, then the third step is to release a mixture of false and true documents. All of which are designed to incriminate people and all of which are essentially unprovable one way or the other.

Such as the ‘Pizzagate’ horseshit. Which ended up with a guy with a gun going in there to ‘save kids’ from a ‘sex slave ring’ that was supposed to originate in said pizza parlor’s basement. . . when the reality is that the pizza place has no basement.

The person that you just asked for knowledge from is a pro-Russian and anti-Democratic conspiratorial propagator, IE. their supporting the baseless and absurd ‘Pizzagate’ story.

As to the FBI, there is no logical reasoning for them to want to denigrate the DNC and promote the RNC, the latter of which also had their systems hacked into at the same time. This is typical of how Putin operates. He takes stuff from both sides, one to publicly humiliate or degrade and the other to privately blackmail.

Skepticism is healthy, but reality is what it is.