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No, I most decidedly am not a christian.

I view the bible as a collection of laws and stories that were written in the context of tribal life and warfare. In that context homosexuality would decrease a tribes or nations capacity for growth and thus would be a danger.

As for the sanctity of life which you eluded to, that really doesn’t jive with the laws that were in place then. Such as, when a woman was raped, she had to either marry her rapist or she was put to death. If the rape resulted in her pregnancy, then so be it, the unborn would be stoned to death inside her.

Either way, the rapist had to pay the woman’s father for her, because she was property.

The exact laws in the bible that one deems valid is determined by which point in the bible one considers the reset switch being thrown.

What’s fascinating to me, is that the bible can be used by so many to represent their own predicament and give them a specific hope.

As is evidenced by the slave owners in America’s south using the bible to prove that they were right to own slaves and the slaves using the bible to prove that they were going to be removed from slavery by god.

What I find very amusing is how the KKK and other white supremacy organizations often use the bible, a collection of writing by and for brown people, to prove their white supremacy. That strikes me as hilarious.

I’ve heard the idea that god has a precognition of who will go to heaven and who will go to hell before and I’ve heard that god made people because we are the only creatures who’s behavior couldn’t be known or predicted.

If it is the former, then the ratio of believers to non-believers would at best be 1 in 10. When one considers the centuries in which people around the world had never heard of christianity.

Thus, a metaphor would be someone making a machine that generated puppies. Where 1 out of 10 of them went onto a conveyor belt that went to a good home, where they would spend eternity filled with joy. And 9 of 10 of them went onto a conveyor belt that sent them to a furnace where they were burned, but kept alive by various mechanisms, for an eternity.

Now, if a person made a literal machine that did that, they would be put in prison for being a dangerous psychopath.

What I believe is that the concept of heaven and hell was created by people so that they could use the ultimate “carrot and stick” technique to keep people in their tribe/nation and convert more people over to their tribe/nation.