What do you do for a living?
The same is here.
Ana Frusinoiu

Nothing that exploits my knowledge of religion, history or psychology.

Thanks for detailing how deranged your political/religious institutes are.

It’s interesting that you mention a head of the church in your country, seeing as on the christian side here, there isn’t one. It’s a fractured system with various organizations and biblical interpretations. Thus people can pick and choose a version of christianity that fits their mentality or personality. All the way from ones that are pro equal rights, pro LGBTQ community and have women as ministers, to ones that force women to keep their body covered from ankle to wrist.

That may be a part of why religion in America has maintained dominance as it has, the variety of it.

It terrifies me to think of a head of the church also being a member of the secret service, although from what I gather, that was typical for the Catholic church through its reign in parts of Europe. The Queen or King would work in concert with the head of the church to blackmail, punish or exploit the populace.

Wild stuff, that’s for sure.