Thanks man, I checked it out and got ‘too much info’.
Paul Reney

One thing that people like the one you were asking a question of use to their advantage is a relatively shallow depth of knowledge on a subject. All of us suffer from that ailment in one direction or another.

One quick point regarding the hacking deal. The person you were making an inquiry of mentioned that ‘proof’ that it was from the ‘Department of Homeland Security’ was the IP address. There are a few reasons that such an argument is nonsense.

1: The IP address attached to an action or an object is the easiest thing to look up and the easiest to fake. One can even pay for a ‘virtual’ IP address, which in theory allows one to roam the internet without even the internet provider they use knowing what they are doing. The IP address attached to anything that one does on the internet then is fake.

2: Hackers employ layers upon layers of fake IP addresses, to the extent that it is rarely used as any significant indicator of what the origin of a hack or action was in the hacker world.

3: Hacker groups are essentially a collective of artists and technicians who employ particular software in particular ways. For professional hackers looking to see who did what hacking work on the internet, it’s akin to one of us tasting three beverages, one Coca Cola, another Root Beer and another Mountain Dew. We all could easily identify which was which, even blindfolded.

It’s not just the USA’s intelligence agencies and what not that are pointing to Russia, it’s the numerous independent professional hackers that are all pointing there too. Namely, it looks to have been the work of ‘Fancy Bear’, a Russian outfit that you can read about here.

Why this all gets me so fired up, is that it was a multi prong assault on the democratic principles of America. A Republic is a fickle and fragile thing and it stands only as long as it is believed in. Thus, one of Putin’s primary goals is to erode the public trust in the democracy of the USA and any other nation on Earth that effects him in any way.

Basically, one way in which people who have a dictatorship stay in power is to make democracy appear to be worse then what they are living under, more corrupt and destructive then dictatorship or any similar systems of governance.

His attack here was via made up propaganda, attempts at direct hacking of electronic machines and theft of material which could be easily spun to sway people. Even if he had failed at getting Trump elected, he would win if it was discovered that the system had been tampered with.

Basically, Putin put himself into a win/win scenario.

Ever onward though.

Man, wild, it is a small world, RE. the guy from your neighborhood stabbing a Cop at the Flint, Michigan airport, wow.

So glad to hear that everything came out all right for you! Or, out from you. . . ba-da-dump-hum, I’m having difficulties in spelling out how a cymbal crash sounds. Seriously though, that’s fantastic news! Ah, yes, also there’s nothing like accuracy in comedy, however shitty that comedy may be.