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Someone goes to the Doctor because their leg is cut relatively badly, it’s bleeding badly and it needs professional care and probably stitches. Upon further inspection, the Doctor notices a bunch of strange lumps all over the person. Tests indicate that said person is riddled with malignant tumors.

The patient has been on a combination of drugs for blood pressure and cholesterol.

One person tells the patient that the bleeding leg is good for them, since it ‘removes the evil spirits’. Another tells them that if the bleeding isn’t stopped and the wound isn’t patched properly they will bleed out and die and then it will get infected and they will die. The other person tells them that infections are actually good for you, they boost your systems resistance to further infections and that they know exactly how much blood should be let out.

The Doctor returns and says that they found a high percentage of radioactive compounds in their body, as if someone had been putting it in their food or drink. Another person tells them that the Doctor is making that up because it is a common side effect of the combination of the drugs that had been prescribed to them. They use ‘proof’ of this derived from 1 in a Billion odds and wildly inaccurate test results that have never been independently duplicated, even though people have tried to duplicate said results.

The patient is going to believe who they want to believe. Overwhelming evidence that they were poisoned by radioactive compounds can be dismissed by them if they don’t want to believe it and want to believe in a vast conspiracy perpetrated by the Doctors, the Health Care Industry and the Politicians.

In the above example, Putin/Russia is the poisoner, the people who dismiss it via faint ‘evidence’ that they pulled out of their ass are those like the ‘Pizzagate’ and ‘the Dem’s or the FBI or etc. did it, not Russia’ people. People are capable of blowing up minute details taken out of context until they, in their minds, overwhelm massive amounts of legitimate data.

Also in the above, the leg wound is the corruption in the DNC and the RNC for that matter. There are plenty of people in each camp which prescribe to their party being capable of doing no wrong. I am not one of them, I believe that the bleeding should be stopped, the wound should be cleaned out and it should be sewn up.

The fact that you already know about fancy bear and the Russian hacking, yet, are willing to put it all on the US says exactly what you want to believe and no amount of facts will alter what one wants.

The leaked DNC e-mails show nothing more then typical political processes. I don’t like them, I wish the system were cleaner, but they were nothing more then typical doings. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic approach to what she says to the public about trade deals and what she says to businesses is the exact way that I would go about it. The public is predominantly a bunch of ignorant reactionary people, who don’t understand nuance and will simply read a poorly written or misleading headline and then make up their mind from there. No fucking way would I try and explain intricate details of a trade deal to the public, it’s futile and would only result in chaos.

The biggest reason that the Dems are upset is that they KNOW how bad the election hacks and Russian Propaganda was, they KNOW that it will only get worse unless immediate and intense measures are taken, they KNOW that alerting the public to such things, especially prior to the presidential election, would destroy the belief in democracy more then anything, they KNOW that the GOP is a bunch of exploitative fucks that are sustaining a borderline fascist engaging in kleptocracy just so they can get their way, they KNOW that the ball rests in the GOP court and that the GOP simply doesn’t give a fuck about the future of America, they KNOW that there are a shit load of people out there who want to see politicians and intelligence agencies as the greatest evils to walk the earth and will buy anything that tells them so, they KNOW how bad this is. I do to.

Trump, RE. his history of personal wealth. I think the reason that you don’t see many articles about him inheriting his wealth, is that it’s a redundant thing to point out. It’s common knowledge. What’s more important is his history of connections to the american mafia, to committing blatant fraud left and right, to being a serial liar, to his long term connections to the russian mafia, to his long history of being involved in money laundering, and on and on and on. His history indicated what his present and future is all about, himself, committing massive white collar crimes and typically getting away with it excepting for some fines here and there.

He’s refused to even present people to fill numerous critical governmental positions all over the map. He’s put into place, in almost every position that he’s put someone up for it, people that wish to destroy the very entity that they are put in charge of. He’s also consolidated the political power of the White House to his family and inner circle.

He’s a fucking demagogue who PUBLICLY ASKED FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY TO HACK HIS GODDAMN OPPONENT! He did that, he fucking did that at his last press conference prior to the debates between himself and Hillary and he didn’t have another press conference until well after he was elected!

He did that, he fucking DID THAT!

He asked Russia, in goddamn public, to hack Hillary’s e-mails!

Then he had the fucking gall to deny over and over that any hacking may have been done by Russia. . .

This is insane. How fucking obvious it all is. The mountains of blatant actions and direct proof of what had been going on with Russia and Trump and Russia and a number of other countries where they did the exact same fucking thing.

Trump’s fucking campaign manager was the money man between Putin and Putin’s puppet president in Ukraine for fucks sake.

All of this makes me want to strangle a horse to death, I try to stay calm about it, but never before have I seen so many people just dismiss out of hand the reality of what is going on. It’s utterly infuriating.