“that disgruntled guy.”
Thanks for “Fixing”
Clay Rivers

“that disgruntled guy”

TDG : The Disassociated Game (unrelated to the original phrase)

The Disturbed Gentleman

Thoroughly Disgusted Geriatric

Troubadour Diminishing Gambols

Throwing Detachable Gizmos

Thinking Deplorable Gonzos

Tributary Demanding Gimp

Tackling Dementia Gingerly

Touring Demonic Gazebos

Trading Dice Grains

Trimming Dildoic Grommets(Comedian Barry Crimmins coined “Dildoic”)

Traveling Down Gauntlets

Tripping Dual Gingers

Truth Dictating Gongs

Tyrannical Dogs Gushing

Transcendentally Deliberate Gum

Tricking Dead Goldfish

Trapping Dear Gandhi

Tipping Dirt Gently

Tabulating Dessert’s Girth

Taint’s Derelict Growth

Timely Dilemma Given

Tulsa Deserters Guide

Tapping Dancing Ghouls

Tasering Dethroned Giraffes

Tying Dirty Gas

Teaching Downgraded Glassblowers

Triumphant Ditchdigger’s Gloating

Trashing Dawn’s Gremlin

Tousling Degenerate’s Ghost

Topping Downtown’s Gradient

Treacherous Dastardly Gamer

Tremendously Detached Gallbladder

Treasonous Donald Gone

Trope Denoting Glistener

Truth Defeating Gadgets

Treating Dinner Guests

Clay Rivers this a creativity exercise that I’ve employed for many years. The point being to never repeat the same word in the list and for each acronym to make sense, the latter being relative of course. It’s more challenging if the list is dictated by a common theme or requirement.