I read much advice, guidance and coaching on the things that ostensibly can make those of us in the…
Peter Messerschmidt

That was well said Peter.

I can attest to the direct influence that(oops) Twitter has on ones psyche and cognitive capacities. I had an account on there for almost a year and found that it reduced my ability to lay out broad and deep understandings of things to someone in writing or, for that matter, in speech.

What was and is most startling to me is that its influence on me was so profound, although I’m in my mid to, gulp, late thirties and as of yet have been capable of refraining from acquiring a cell phone. Thus, I only used Twitter from my laptop and had already amassed a capacity to elaborate in depth, in regards to philosophical and technical minutia. I shudder to my core when I attempt to fathom what effect these fractional technologies are having on the youth.

In this instance, I am using the word fractional to denote the totality of an idea being communicated with but a tiny fraction of its being or profoundness.

This is further exacerbated by the young generations being the very embodiment of the “Dunning Kruger” effect. Which is defined by people that have, either a limited ability or a limited knowledge of something, believing themselves to have a superior ability or knowledge of that said thing and vice versa.

With what seems to be, but is not by any means, an unlimited knowledge at their, uh, thumbtips, their innate knowledge, what is memorized, deeply understood and concrete, is minute, while their perception of their knowledge is unparalleled.

What is even more profound, is that now these very people are writing articles about the very subjects that they are almost totally ignorant of. Thus, it is the starving feeding off of their own waste.

Truly, “What hath God wrought?”, was the proper message for the first electric communication. Of note, the first communication between a vessel of the air and a person on the ground was sent to Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War from a tethered hydrogen manned lighter then air balloon which was being used as an observation platform, ala Napoleon Bonaparte.