We have to blow gaping holes in their talking points in the light of day.
I’m no Alex Jones fan.
Resist Insist

That’s not going to be accomplished by giving them direct airtime. It could only be accomplished by interviewing those who have been directly adversely effected by his exploitative conspiratorial fear mongering. To paraphrase Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn when Trump asked him how he could come out a winner after losing in court regarding he and his fathers discriminatory rental practices, “Never admit defeat and always claim victory. Just repeat your name and that you won. In three months, they won’t remember the case, the story or the verdict, but they will remember your name.”

Also of note, the first amendment also give the ‘freedom of the press’. That would be freedom of the press to interview someone or to refrain from interviewing someone. There is no one standing in the way of the lunatic in question in regards to him standing around yelling into an electric bullhorn, of which there are 100’s of hours of tape as proof.