And I will make it happen. Dammit! LOL!
Clay Rivers

The determination that I’ve come to Clay Rivers is that although everyone wears shoes, not everyone is required to make them. People need pants too, shirts and one could argue that for some, that bit of hard candy is what keeps them from the edge of the cliff.

With all of the serious and profound events that are ongoing, it’s easy to believe that everyone must engage with those events and essentially nothing else, excepting what is their livelihood.

I would argue though, that the value of pouring ones creative capacities into something that allows for others true and pure act of escapism, albeit a temporary one, from this increasingly excruciating reality, is significant and in a way equal to the value provided by the deep political or social works that are being produced.

To me, levity that is capable of stretching across time and border, is akin to a rejuvenating rest for ones soul. Of note(to me) are the works of Buster Keaton and Terry Pratchett.

Not to make this too long, but the exceptions are from Mark Twain and Chalie Chaplin, who’s best works were laden with political and societal issues. However, those specific works were from masters at the peak of their powers and less about specific events or people and more about general concerts of human behavior.