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The Good: The concept of “After the Credits” is solid and unique. The knowledge laid down by you two is also good and the voicing of your biases and/or particular preferences is admirable. All in all, it’s a podcast that I would find worthwhile to listen to on a regular basis. A suggestion would be to do an episode every now and then focused on a classic film that neither of you have seen.

The Questionable: The name “After the Credits” doesn’t represent the before and after setup of the podcast. Thus, maybe something like “Before the Lights & After the Credits”.

The Bad: The quality of the recording is an atrocity. Honestly, if you guys were reviewing a movie that had such sharp S’s(bad enough to destroy my ears had I been listening to it with ear buds) and issues with the sound quality, well, what would you grade it as? May I suggest using spit guards for the mics and if possible higher quality mics. One cheap setup to get rid of the sharp S’s is to get a darning hoop at a hobby shop and cut out a swatch of pantie hose to stretch in the hoop to create a sharp S barrier between the speaker and the mic.

Your loudness leveling between the two hosts was okay though. There are a number of podcasts that I won’t listen too because one person sounds ten miles away and the other inside your ear.

Good luck guys.