Conversation with My Wife (22)
Jack Herlocker

There are many levels to what could be described as AI. A year or two ago I was sending an email to someone using my Gmail account. The email in question was technical in nature and in it I made a few references to the content of an attachment to the email that I was sending. When I hit the send button, Gmail said, I’m paraphrasing a bit, “Wait a second dummy. You blathered on about an attachment in your email, but you didn’t attach anything to the email. Do you want to go back and attach something before you send this or do you want to look like the idiot that you are?”.

I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty neat, it stopped me from doing something st — uh, wait a second! It’s using some form of AI to analyze what I’m writing in my email. . . what else is it trying to figure out about what I’m writing?”

It’s equal parts disturbing and fascinating.