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There is a curious story behind that actually. When he became or was becoming the Republican nominee, the GOP came to him and asked him to provide the money to do some dig work on him.

Always, when a candidate runs for office, their own people hire detective agencies to see what can be dug up on themselves. It’s that old lawyer saying, “Don’t ask a question that you don’t know the answer to.”

Trump, he declined and refused to pay for any dig work on himself and refused to allow anyone from the GOP to do any on himself either.

For a while now, the GOP has been playing a clock game. Knowing, via various intel that they receive as top level politicians, that Trump was compromised and would be evicted from office eventually, they are trying to get done what they can while they can.

Trump’s business practices have been to get people to invest in some scheme, place himself as a payable head of it that, via the paperwork, won’t be financially responsible if it goes bankrupt. Then he installs heads of the business that are extremely loud and contrary to each other. They eventually quit or are fired, then he takes over directly and it goes down in flames. Then he files bankruptcy, keeps the pay that he gave to himself and fucks over everyone above and bellow himself in the deal.

That’s the only way he knows how to do things.

He’s also very “loyal” to those that give him money or a modicum of respect. Thus, his being beholden to both Bannon and Putin.

It’s amazing how blatant this is. Arrogance is one hell of a drug.