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There’s a difference between not comprehending the nuance of your belief and specific education and disagreeing with it.

It is understandable that you would be prone to viewing most people as being in the former condition and not the latter, since that would typically be true. However, with me that simply isn’t the case. I grew up embedded in the “Born Again Baptist” faith, with both of my parents being teachers. My father having been a biology and chemistry teacher that is peripherally involved with the Creation Museum.

I have an intimate and deep knowledge and understanding of where you are coming from, likely more so then anyone you will ever encounter. However, I don’t agree with your stance.

It is extremely common for people to equate knowledge with conviction.

That is, people from “both sides of the fence” as it were, frequently believe “If only they knew what I knew, then they would understand and believe as I do.” When, that just isn’t how people function. A significant quantity of what makes us who we are, is based on our inborn personality and our capacity of and for perception.

All humility aside, I’ve always been skilled at putting myself into other peoples heads, for better or worse. Thus, I could and can see things the way others see them, but that doesn’t mean that I believe what they believe.

One disturbing measure of faith is the provability of it. That is, many christians use creationism as “proof” that there is a god that created everything. They, typically, do engage in this study for two reasons. One, to prove to themselves that their belief is correct, that their faith is valid. Thus, their faith is lesser so a pure faith and more so a fact based belief. And two, to be able to “force” others to believe as they do. Their perception being that if someone is confronted with inarguable facts, then they will have no choice but to adopt their religion.

In that light, your arguments regarding your origin are self defeating.

If who you are is primarily a soul a spirit created by god and plopped temporarily into a physical form, then the physical form that you inhabit is irrelevant.

Thus, your statement that Hitler was directly responsible for the creation of you infers that you actually believe yourself to be nothing more then your physical form.

But later you say that the physical form doesn’t matter. Well, you can’t believe both of those fully at once.

If your soul is gods priority, then you were created prior to your body being made and then inserted into your body at some point and had your current physical form not been created, then you, that is, your soul or spirit, would have been put into another physical form. For instance, there is little if any indication that there would be a requirement for a sexuality in heaven. In fact, it is implied in the bible that sexuality was created just for Earth. So, the inference is that your soul, prior to inhabiting your body and after inhabiting it, does not have a sexual orientation nor a “race”.

Thus, had Hitler and the rest of the Axis not resulted in your parents creating your current body, you would still exist, but you would just be in a different body.

In fact, a main political motivation of christians is entirely illogical and that is being against abortion. If, as is often proclaimed, life begins at conception and the soul immediately inhabits said life and children are exempt, until they are capable of understanding the profound concepts of god and death and hell and heaver, if they die they go to heaven. Then abortion is in essence a “Get out of Earth and go directly to Heaven” card. Wouldn’t that actually be a blessing? To be able to skip the dredging muck that is life on this planet and go directly to Heaven to be with god. At best, abortion should then be a non issue for christians. But it isn’t, it’s one of their main motivators and Pence being the VP is resulting in a great deal of rejoicing among the christians.

To be blunt, you are almost surely incapable of presenting me with a new or unique concept or belief when it comes to religion. I don’t say this in an attempt to diminish your knowledge or understanding, but to be clear about the depths of my own.