Baby, I wish I had your confidence.
Dusty Craig

They do have a rudder of sorts. Bannon is a self proclaimed Leninist who’s stated goal is to destroy the foundations of the established governments of the world so as to “rebuild them”.

I do wonder who sees the oath as being given to who though. Almost every nation requires an oath to serve and there have been plenty of coups in world history. Some based on justice and some based on power grabbing.

In his last press conference he talked about how “people would love me if I had that Russian spy ship 30 miles off of our shore shot out of the water”. Uh, that type of insane statement is really going to wake up anyone that’s been sleeping the in military.

The biggest issue is who does what at the top of the chain of military command. It’s illustrative of how little trust he has among our military that he’s having one hell of a time filling Flynn’s seat.

GWB had the confidence of nearly everyone around him and the Iraq war was as much a continuation of the “quick war” that we had there in the 90’s. I agree with your stance that it was started to be a profit machine and the obstruction that they engaged in was extraordinary.

Also of note, just Friday it was reported that some 5–6 White House staffers failed a standard low level FBI clearance and they were escorted off the property.

My confidence here may come from a delusional optimism, but I believe that it in part comes from the knowledge that to enact things like we are discussing, one must either have the ties to the military, like Bush did or the organized ability to overpower it, like Hitler did. Hitler and people like him had their own gang of effective people when it came to intimidation. Trump’s gang doesn’t have either of those. His group is tiny, unorganized and ignorant of how to do much of it anything that they are trying to do.

The massive amount of leaks coming out is indicative of how active people are behind the scenes.