I’m just writing things that people mostly don’t read.
We used to get paid by views on Yahoo Contributor Network, but the views we got were strongly…
Betta Tryptophan

This aspect of it seems to be out of our direct control. By our, I mean us story tellers.

For instance, Medium tells me that I have 286 “followers”(I don’t have a clue what percentage of them are robots/fake accounts), yet that “Mudita: The Listicle” piece of mine that you inspired was only viewed by 15 people, granted all 15 of them read it through and 12 of them recommended it. But still, that means that only 1 out of 19 of my followers even saw it.

My story before that one, “Dear Republican Overlords” had 30 views, 28 reads and 11 recommends. Still, that’s only an exposure ratio to my “followers” of 1 in 10.

It’s showing that you have 854 “followers”, but in my experience on here, the accumulation of followers doesn’t seem to equate at all to more people viewing ones writing.

If anything, it seems like the percentage of ones followers that see ones work fractionally and exponentially decreases with an increase in followers.

Most of this system seems to push what the stories are tagged with and how those tags are handled. The latter of which is not in the writer’s control.

This place is just downright weird.