searching for the perfect illustration for 30 more minutes
(361): I’ve Developed Some Bad Habits
Betta Tryptophan

This is something about posting pieces on Medium that I abhor. For me, in regards to writing a piece, a picture may equal 1,000 words, but it displaces 10,000 of them.

That is, the opening image places a concept, set of emotions and thus dictates the reader’s initial approach to some writing.

For the record, in regards to reading, I’ve never been a fan of illustrated novels, such as some old Twain books and what not, especially when the illustration is sparse throughout the book. Because I’d be reading along, with the image of the people and places in my head and then, wham, there are pictures and places that don’t look anything like what’s in my head! It’s extremely irritating.

Of note, my dyslexia almost resulted in me congratulating you on your 356th post equaling a years worth!