I think you’re confusing me with the other guy, the one I asked the question that started this…
Paul Reney

This is what set me off:

I guess most Dems are angry because he scammed the US electoral system while being defiant about it : “ the election is rigged, unless I win” did not come out of an horse’s ass…but the leaked DNC emails seemed to show that both sides scammed the electoral process, and that both sides are slaves to big corporate donors in that endeavour.

Because it implies a simplistic tit for tat deal, I doubt that was your intent, but it sent off a shit storm of a venting session. Throughout the whole election there was a repetition of conflated equivalencies which were based on prejudice and blatant propaganda. IE. the ‘Clinton Foundation’ which is a massive worldwide charity organization and does a ton of legitimate good was promoted as nothing more then a money grab for the Clinton’s with a ‘pay to play’ scenario setup. When, there has been zero proof of that and the financial distribution of it matches that of the best charities. While, Trump’s ‘charity’ was shut down because it had been running for years without the proper licensing, it’s ‘staffed’ by his kids, it’s been proven to have been used for self dealing for most of it’s history. Hell, he took money into it for a charity ball that was being held at his Florida golf course/’Winter White House’(this prior to his becoming President) that he told the donors he would give on their behalf, yet, he gave it under his own name after he put it into his ‘charities’ account and then charged the actual charity more money to hold the event then he gave them(of other peoples money). Further, he settled a 20+ million fraud suit regarding his ‘University’.

My point being, people equate the Clinton charity to be 100X more diabolical then the blatant fraud that Trump has enacted for his entire life.

Ditto with the ‘russian uranium deal’ which Clinton had to sign off on because she was the Secretary of State at the time and although it was setup by people disconnected to her and had to pass through somewhere around seven government outfits, it’s put all on her. Yet, people pass off the decades long history of Trump conducting fucked up deals with Russia as nothing and ‘typical business practice’.

It’s insane, the propagation of false equivalencies and how rapidly and completely people are drawn to them.

What’s going on now is War, there is no other proper word for what’s going on between the USA and Russia via the internet and Russia is attacking a wide swath of Europe too. Especially the NATO countries.

What makes this so infuriating and disconcerting is that it’s invisible, it’s not blood in the dirt, not on a large scale, there are spies and actionable people being knocked off, but it’s mainly occluded via mystery web sparky power. Yet, it’s a War which will have one hell of a lot to do with the future of America and it’s one that a significant proportion of America doesn’t actually believe is happening.

Ah, venting, letting the shit out, it needs to happen every now and then to keep one’s eyeballs from floating in the muck.