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Ultimately, Putin’s goal is to obtain intelligence via the White House through the people he has in there and in general his goal is to destabilize democracy. In Russia, he’s the strong man and he’s doing everything in his capacity to diminish the short lived democratic ideals that they had going on there. The easiest way to do that is to prove that democracy is by its nature corrupt.

In that regard, when Trump is ousted, Trump will be promoted in Russia as a hero that was thwarted by villains.

Bannon’s goal is to destroy the unification of countries in the World. He believes that they are responsible for fleecing everyone in the World and he wants to burn them all down. This isn’t hyperbole, it’s exactly what he has stated bluntly in the past. Years ago he became obsessed with a perceived cycle of self destruction that the World has endured. Such as our Civil War, World War’s One and Two and others. He believes that another one is overdue and is literally trying to start another one.

I believe that your analysis of Trump is pretty spot on, but don’t forget about Trump’s long relationship with Roger Stone. If memory serves me correctly, Stone was his political adviser back in the 80’s when Trump first flirted with running for President.