I would disagree that there is a war against women.
Sirous Martel

War is an extremely specific word, which brings to mind organized battle fields and such.

To me a more apt analogy is that of Socialism. That is, here in the USA, historically speaking it was just yesterday and somewhat today, that the relationship/legal status of women was that of a citizen in a Socialist state.

IE. Men controlled the means of production and determined how the product was distributed. They also controlled where the women went, who they saw and what they did. To a greater then lesser extent, men also determined who women would marry and fathers received a payment for the bride, etc.

That level of domination of one sex over the other, is to my mind, very similar to how a Socialist government dominates its citizens, with the decree that it is “What is best for them.”. This brings to mind the common adage that women must be protected from their own incompetent logic.

There is a tremendous quantity of nuance involved here, which manifests itself on a substantially subconscious level.

Especially when it comes to men recognizing the actuality of the situation. To use the Socialist analogy again, it is similar to someone that grows up in a house where everyone works for the State and is hard pressed to see how oppressive the State actually is.