45’ll be fine whether he’s impeached or resigns.
Clay Rivers

We’ll see, the Attorney General of New York has his sights set on Trump for a massive variety of crimes. Such as his ‘charity’ organization which had been acting illegally for years. There’s much more serious stuff there too and the President does not have the power to pardon someone that is charged by a State directly.

Pence, well, that depends on what Trump is taken down for. If it’s the Russia connection, Pence has been complicit in that process and won’t be able to escape parallel charges if that’s the direction it goes. Very recently Trump has infuriated the foreign intelligence agencies, so expect to see some devastating press/leaks/action coming from across the pond. Ditto the stuff that’s coming out from our own intelligence community(IC) units.

The Kushner stuff isn’t even the bit of sunlight reflecting from the tip of the Russia iceberg.

What I see is that the IC is trying to force the legal proceedings on the GOP, IE. impeachment and what not and if the GOP doesn’t act, which I don’t think they will until they get something truly diabolical passed, the IC will keep letting out info on what Trump’s team has been up to. Eventually they will release more tapes, such as the one with Ryan talking about Trump being on Putin’s payroll. Except these will be more direct about the GOP knowingly taking in campaign money from the Russian Mafia.

I remember during the campaign(don’t forget, Trump registered for the 2020 race on his inauguration day!) the GOP was in a fury that Trump wasn’t feeding part of his influx of campaign funds to the lower GOP candidates and it got pretty heated between them. Over the period of about a month that was sussed out. I can almost, almost, guarantee that the higher GOP people knew the true source of Trump’s campaign money. Pence/Ryan/McConnell, those three are latched onto his poisoned nipple. The rancid tar is flowing through them, eating away what was left of their hearts as it goes.

But, then again, exactly who is going to hold them accountable and how are they going to do it? We’ll see eventually.