The best way to defeat the Trumps and Putins of the world is to do better by the people they oppress.
Dear H. and Caleb, always a pleasure to read your perspectives.
Jason Stelzner 🌹🍁

We’re dealing with cults, Jason Stelzner and H. Nemesis Nyx.

Here in the US, their rise began with books and pamphlets circulated in the Evangelical communities, then to the opinion based radio shows which became further and further removed from reality, to FoxNews, to where we are now, which is intense and self propagated online information isolation.

IE. they can isolate their information feed to that of only what agrees with their core fear and paranoia.

With old school cults, which of course still exist, people had to be in direct physical contact to obtain such an intense removal from reality, the internet allows anyone, anywhere to acquire that state of being.

Jason, you say that we need to disconnect the Russian problem from partisan politics, but, that’s exactly where it came from. We got here by the more hardcore right wing believing that there is a global conspiracy to take over the world. This being enacted by the media, politicians, the wealthy and virtually every government. Thus, they perceive all of the afore mentioned as enemies and liars. Said conspiracy theory is based on Revelations from the Bible and as such is tied in with what are core religious beliefs of many people on the right. Those who don’t hold such religious beliefs, still adopt said conspiracy because it’s a well constructed spiral of fear and terror, which explains why their ‘true greatness’ hasn’t been recognized by anyone besides themselves.

I’ve seen this issue with a ton of people in real life and with people on the internet. They will never, in their current state of mind, recognize any evidence, proof or facts because they will simply mentally plunk them into the category of ‘made up stuff by the global conspiracy’.

There was a guy on here, who eventually deleted his account(I believe), that many people spoke of as a polite person that gave well thought out debates. What I got him to spit out, was his true beliefs. Namely, that all of the media, politicians, governments, etc. were part of a global conspiracy and that an old Jewish historian that specialized in Hitler and refused to write about Trump prior to the election, eventually he wrote an article comparing Hitler’s and Trump’s approach to the press. Well, the guy on here said that the Jewish fellow was a traitor to Israel because he didn’t support Trump, although in the article that I gave a link to, to read, which he did, detailed how said author had received Holocaust laden death threats from Trump supporters.

So, the Jewish historian who specialized in Hitler and received Nazi style death threats from Trump supporters was a traitor to Israel because he didn’t support Trump. The guy on here affirmed his stance, because said author, ‘wrote like the mainstream media, so he’s a part of the global conspiracy’.

It’s fear based beliefs like that, which inspire those people to support Trump and decry all against him to be ‘in on’ the global conspiracy. Trump blatantly breaks every single moral rule that the conservatives pretend to hold so close. Thus, if Russia helped Trump win, then good! Russia has presented itself as a fighter against the global conspiracy to form a ‘One Government World Order’.

Russia is also the most aggressively anti-gay industrial nation on this planet. That is something that a massive contingent of the right wing is 100% behind. Note how Pence has met with religious leaders from Russia.

To put things into perspective, the idea that the DNC conspired illegally to help Hillary defeat Bernie is a RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA POINT! Point blank, the ‘evidence’ for such was stolen by Russia and it was organized, oriented and presented in a VERY SPECIFIC WAY, by Russia to frame little nothings as high crimes.

A lot of Bernie supporters believe it, a lot of the right believes it, hell, I don’t doubt that some Democrats believe it.

I’m pointing this out to highlight how great out difficulty is in the US defeating blatant Russian propaganda.

To effect Russian citizens in any way, we would need to be able to penetrate the Putin’s propaganda there, which is magnitudes more entrenched then it is here.

For instance, in Russia it’s a common belief that Europe has an army of gays that are going to try and take over Russia and convert the children to gays. That sounds like an absurd Python style joke, but it’s a real belief. Putin owns, flat out, virtually all of the media in Russia. The only entrance point that the West has is via the internet and that’s pretty damn difficult to enact.

The end game here, is that being on the defense is futile, look at how Twitter and Facebook were taken over by right wing bots and cult people during the election. The left was on the defense, rarely effectively on the attack.

We didn’t help win World War 2 by doing nothing but defend America, we went to our enemies and attacked with everything that we had, while we were developing more effective weapons. That is what must be done now, , , but, our President is, , ,

Fucking hell, this is depressing.