Medium Doesn’t Know Why People Write. Or Read.
Brian Geddes

What’s even more perplexing, is that portions of the Medium machine recognizes the difference between a “Story” and a “comment”, IE. on ones stats page, they are presented as separate lists.

Yet, in regards to the rest of the site, they don’t seem to give a shit. For example, the “Top 3 Stories” list that is automatically curated by Medium and embedded in ones profile/avatar deal. My “Top 3 Stories” are actually replies that I’ve made.

It’s like a newspaper jumbling up the letters to the editor with the stories by their top reporters.

Granted, my response here is ironic, because it was ThunderPuff ‘s (who’s fucking hilarious, by the way) response to your post here Brian Geddes that brought my attention to this post, that is in great part about peoples responses(who you don’t follow and don’t know, although I do follow ThunderPuff ) popping up in ones feed and it being a nuisance, which I do agree with 100%.

Argh, god damn it!