I am really captivated by all of this.
emerald jane waters👗

What’s ironic, is that he employs false cruelty to inspire fealty.

It wasn’t all bad though. The lesson that I learned there paid out later when a con artist erupted on the light steam power scene and duped people out of some, $60,000,000. I didn’t get sucked into that business, because Monty had taught me a “good” lesson. What was astounding though, was how many legendary experts in the field got sucked into it, including my sudo-mentor.

They later told me, once they figured out that they had been conned, that they knew he was ignorant when it came to steam, but they liked the intensity of his ideas and thought that they could use their expertise, knowledge and clout to influence his design and practices. Well, they failed at that, because the guy is a narcissist. That whole thing reminds me a LOT of the road of our President “Elect”.