Just Another Brick In The Wall

Yep, I’ve had difficulties finishing and posting pieces as of late and I wrote about that here. Soon after writing that, I wrote and published this piece. The conclusion that I came to, is that the largest hurdle that I was facing was the “muse to miffed” ratio. That is, my favorite thing to write is pure comedy and I haven’t been able to dredge up that muse as of late due to the catastrophe that is the political realm now in America, one thing that I think about a lot and compose in my mind are essays on said political issues. But as I laid out in the first piece that I linked to, I can’t get through writing one of those pieces with my sanity intact.

So, for me, the solution was all about finding an intersection of artistic motivation, subject and style that sufficiently empowered my writing mind to be able to overcome my inner roadblocks.

The issues that you are facing are a bit different, as they are for everyone, but maybe it would help you, like it helped me, to explore different motivations, subjects, styles and approaches to what you are writing, until you find a combination that overcomes your inner roadblocks.