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Yep, unfortunately, the oppressive/aggressive edges of the political spectrum are typically the most adept at utilizing the newest technology of communication to enact their will.

They can’t rely on their deeds, facts or reality to promote themselves, so they must engulf the consciousness of the populace with their propaganda.

Just like the Radio allowed Hitler and his like to spread their will and ideas to people more efficiently, the internet has allowed Putin to spread his propaganda in a violently efficient manner, as well as grab data and material for blackmail or public trouncing.

A variety of books on the subject point to the information war having gone hyperspeed. Where it used to take weeks or months for propaganda to make it’s way through the system, now Putin and his people can pump out 100’s of stories, all seeping to and bleeding out of outfits like InfoWars, Breitbart(which was headed up by the guy who is now Trump’s main advisor) RT(directly Putin controlled), etc.

The direct hacking of the parties systems is extremely concerning, but even that pales in comparison to the voting machines being hacked directly, the latter being an extremely blurry subject.

In the US, Presidential voting is local, local, local. With different counties in different States using different processes and machines. From all paper, to computer with no paper trail to hybrid systems, to different brand computer systems, etc. That mess is actually a benefit when it comes to obstructing any attempts at directly hacking the voting system.

One thing that is becoming more clear, is that Russia hacked the voter rolls and altered the voter data. Essentially, and I recall this occurring, people would show up at the polls, people who had voted Democrat for years, and they wouldn’t be on the voter roll. They couldn’t vote, even though they were supposed to be registered and had been voting in the same place for years on end. It was extremely bizarre and now it indeed appears that it was Russia that altered said rolls to inhibit them from voting.

Yes, books are best, they give the greatest distance from the events and more time to reflect, absorb and analyze. My habit is to take frequent breaks from absorbing information to let them sink in, question them, arrange them and then go back and see if the thesis I’ve composed still makes any sense upon a review of data. It’s maddeningly difficult in this ‘instant disaster’ culture, but it’s an essential process if one’s conclusions are to be even remotely valid.

Big business, oddly, and this view probably isn’t popular, but I view the oil companies as the least of the offenders. It takes a lot of red tape for them to get okay’ed to go ahead and drill, and it requires oversight, however fetid the process is, and high tech expensive equipment. Thus, they rarely employ slaves and they must be relatively diplomatic when working with a variety of countries.

Now, the companies that bother me most are the ones that use people to collect semi-worthless things and then convert them into expensive items, tire/rubber, gold/rock, diamond/stone, tea/leaves, coffee/beans, etc. They commonly employ slaves or people that are treated at that level, they generally have zero oversight on how they operate, they frequently go to regions that have weak governments and then operate exactly like dictators, etc. It’s brutal, the history of Firestone is, well, it’s terrifying to say the least.

From what I gather, what companies desire the most is predictability in their partners. Thus, people like Trump or Trump in particular, is not someone that they want anything to do with. He’s a spiteful little man/boy who is prone to reversing massive decisions based on nothing more then a hurt feeling. Clinton on the other hand, she’s a hardcore logical person and businesses know exactly what to expect from her. They wouldn’t be getting as glad of a deal from her as they would from Trump, but at least they know it won’t be reversed for no reason or big aspects of an agreement altered on a whim without their knowledge.

Ah, I’ve got to quite writing about this for today, I’ve done gone and used up all of my reserved tangents! Got to go to the trigonometry store and pick up some more, all I have left are rhombuses.