Or maybe you said it to both of them.
Are you certain it was Larry and not that McCain fellow whom you called a coward?

Yes, it was both. I called out McCain directly in a point by point basis regarding the personal and not substantial response to your analysis of his career.

With Larry, I called him out for being an ignorant coward, not for any rudeness in his response. But in light of his telling me that a Jewish historian of Adolf Hitler’s life, who although he didn’t write one article about Trump during the campaign, received holocaust style death threats from Trump supporters during said campaign, was a traitor to the “Jewish Race” for not supporting Trump because Trump supposedly supports Israel.

For me a statement like that can’t stand and my reply to him was far removed from being polite.

I determined his ignorance from his not recognizing reality and his cowardice for not objectively investigating who Trump was preaching to during the campaign. That was it for me.